Tips to boost your biotech job opportunity

Science graduates and seasoned academic researchers have exciting opportunities in the biotech industry that is vastly growing and developing. However, the biotech industry is seething with opportunities to utilize a myriad of skills, getting a call for an interview for a job opening besides appropriate presentation before prospective employers have become significant obstacles to both science graduates and seasoned academic researchers. From an outside viewpoint, it seems overwhelming, but why must you worry?. This article is tailored to help you with appropriate tips, dos, and don’ts while you are planning to face a biotech recruiting team. Read and make use of these tips recommended by experts.

Resume customization

While hunting for a job, applying in multiple agencies is a possibility, but do you take invest considerable time while preparing your resume?. Consider customizing your resume to the job position you are applying to in each company. Ensure that all the skills the position dictates are captured in your resume. Most biotech recruiting teams take enough time to explore resumes. Clear and concise resumes with consistent formatting besides less distracting logos and irrelevant information are highly considered. Overall, use PDF format to submit your resume as some systems may distort other formatting styles making your file difficult to read.

Cover letter

Include a cover letter having a couple of paragraphs explaining the reasons behind career change and experience gaps. Explain why you are the best for the job position, your goals and efforts made to achieve your set objectives. Besides, you can explain your previous jobs.

Research on the company

Visit different websites to know the products and services the company offers. Look for their values, vision, and mission besides watching the company videos on their previous interviews. Ask the recruiters on unclear issues besides asking any relevant information before the interview day. This will ensure you stand a better chance in the interview.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in your Application

Do not apply for all open positions

However, it makes sense to apply for multiple positions, once recruiters (we recommend realize you are applying a large slate of roles they will disqualify you. While your position is filled and reposted later, reapply. This might put your application on top.

Do not be pushy

Communication is essential, but when done in good measure. You must not message the biotech recruiting team continuously mainly when you have not applied through their website. Ask for reference while you are connected within the company. While you do not have connections, seek information to know the right recruiters for the job role. Write a short, concise and clear message stating the position applied accompanied by a brief explanation of why you are the best in that position. Sending a follow-up message demonstrates to recruiters you have taken considerable time to prepare and submit the right information required.

Overall, while preparing for an interview, the do’s and don’ts in this article will help you succeed. Make use of them. They are expert ideas.

Clare Louise

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