Choosing Timing Screws In Manufacturing

Timing screws or feeder screws are important in any manufacturing unit. They improve the overall performance and optimize the efficiency of the production process. Plus, they enhance the productivity and accuracy of production for a long time. This is why most businesses use timing screws in manufacturing. However, some businesses bag the best feeder screws than others. If you want to be among these smart businesses, follow the below advice.

Tips to buy timing screws in manufacturing

Most manufacturers don’t pay much heed when buying feeder screws. They just buy the most optimally-priced screws. However, the chosen screws may not necessarily be the right option. You need to do some legwork to pick the best screws. If you fail to do so, you’ll end up with poor-quality screws. So, why not avoid such situations? Here’s a simple checklist that should help out.

List down your requirements

Any manufacturing unit has unique needs. Feed screws that suit a particular manufacturer may not suit others. It all depends on the particular production process as well as the product. So, pen down the type of manufacturing unit you have.

Also, jot down the shape and size of the screws you intend to buy. Don’t forget to figure out how many screws you need. All these things will avoid hassles when shopping around.

Brand name

Some businesses hardly pay attention to the brand name when buying timing screws in manufacturing. They go after quality screws that come at a cheaper price. However, most of such quality products don’t last long. When this happens, you’ll have to buy feeder screws again, and that could be a pricey proposition.

If you buy branded feeder screws, you can be sure of the durability. Although these screws may come at a slightly higher price, the quality is worth the money you spend. So, be aware of this fact and concentrate on reputed brands only.


Most suppliers purport to offer the best timing screws. However, the claims of many such suppliers are baseless. If you buy their products believing their claims, you’ll regret your decision later.

You need some sort of assurance on feeder screws. It’s here the product warranty comes in handy. Check out the warranty terms of each supplier. If a particular supplier doesn’t give any warranty, remove him from your checklist. Rather, focus on suppliers that offer generous warranties on repairs and replacements.

Shop smartly

Now that you’ve prepared your final list, it’s time to pick the best supplier. Collect detailed quotes from each supplier in your list. Check the quality, warranty, pricing policy, shipping policy, and support offered by each vendor. Finally, choose the best quality feeder screws that come in a budget-friendly manner.

Bottom line

The use of timing screws in manufacturing can do wonders for your venture. However, the key lies in buying the best screws matching your specifics. Just check the above tips when looking for feeder screw suppliers. With a handy buying guide, you’re on your way to choosing the best timing screws.

Clare Louise

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