Jerome Karam’s Special Gift To The CASA Of Galveston

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Jerome Karam never misses a chance to give back to society. Charity remains a key pillar in his business. With his donation of space and build-out funds to the CASA of Galveston County, Jerome Karam has made a lasting contribution to one of the 72 CASA programs in Texas that is pursuing justice for abused and neglected children. 

Jerome Karam Friendswood was immediately recognized by the Board of the CASA of Galveston and thanked in a special way. The Collaborative Family Engagement Room was dedicated to the Karam family as a way of showing appreciation. Starting January 2020, the CASA of Galveston will now be based on the 2nd Floor of Mall of the Mainland, between the Executive Suites and World Gym.

The Mall of the Mainland is one of Karam’s signature developments. Karam purchased the old Mall of the Mainland and redeveloped it into an award-winning multi-use facility. It hosts the county’s largest trampoline park and the iconic Plaza Royal Executive suites. The CASA of Galveston will be located next to the Executive Suites thanks to Karam’s donation.

The new home of this important Galveston charity was custom-designed by an award-winning development team with the sponsorship from Jerome Karam. This gives new life to this volunteer movement, which is committed to the welfare of neglected children. 

The CASA of Galveston is made up of Court Appointed Special Advocates who aim to provide a CASA to every child who needs one. CASAs act in the best interest of neglected and abused children in the foster care system to secure permanency and safety while increasing child abuse awareness. There are over 900 CASA programs nationwide.

Being a married man with children, it breaks Karam’s heart to see children suffering. That is why the causes of the CASA of Galveston are very close to his heart. He has promised to continue helping this organization in every manner possible. 

Jerome Karam Friendswood is a strong believer in community empowerment. He is a beacon of excellence in the property development and philanthropic sectors. Jerome Karam sees his charity work as a vital part of his business. He believes that businesses exist to make society better.

From redesigning public gyms to donating to the CASA of Galveston, Jerome Karam believes in living a lasting impact in society. He has previously donated to the Galveston Catholic Community and the Galveston Historical society among other organizations.

According to Jerome Karam, at the end of the day, it is not about what you have accomplished but rather about what you have given back. To him, the happiest people are those who give more. Being a staunch Catholic, he believes in the age-old Biblical wisdom that blessed is the hand that gives. 

Through his business endeavors, Jerome Karam has created thousands of jobs and provided affordable housing to many Americans. He attributes his monumental success to his determination and hard work. 

There is no challenge that is too hard for Jerome. He is always determined to make the impossible possible. Who could have thought that an old breweries factory could be transformed into an amazing boutique hotel? That is exactly what Karam did with the abandoned Falstaff Breweries in Galveston. Jerome Karam brought back this 100-year structure that had been seriously damaged by a hurricane back to life. 

Jerome Karam Friendswood embodies the spirit of excellence. He doesn’t believe in half measures. Jerome always believes in giving his best because when you give your best, the best will come back to you. That is exactly what he does when it comes to his charity work.


John Rogers

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