10 Off-Page SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic

Jumping to the top of the Google results page is a wish come true by many. We all know we won’t surpass the few results at the top of the page when searching for something on Google. Those first five positions matter; the chances of clicking anywhere beyond that are quite slim.

If your goal is to reach the first position on Google, you should focus on every aspect of search engine optimisation. We’ll cover the ten effective off-page SEO techniques to help with online visibility and increase organic traffic.

1 Build your backlink portfolio

When people mention off-page SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is the backlink portfolio. If a website links to a page on your website, Google will recognise this as a vote for your website.

This vote is also a signal to Google that your website is relevant, of high quality and that it deserves Google’s attention. Each one of these backlinks will be of different quality, and they will all send some value to your website. Building your backlink portfolio will improve your website’s authority and ranking. Build quality content other websites will want to link to and boost your rankings and organic traffic.

2 Embrace the power of social media

Social media platforms are your path to user engagement. People will follow you if you build quality content for your social media profiles. When your content is high quality, your audience will want to interact with your content. This means they will follow a link you share in stories or visit your blog from the About section of your profile.

The key here is to be consistent with your content and ensure it’s high quality, enriched with relevant hashtags and topics relevant to your audience. Simply put, each post will be like a promotion for your business. Inevitably, people will find their way to your website and boost your traffic organically.

3 Use video marketing

To be competitive, you must have a properly optimised website and complete both the on-page and the off-page strategies. But you should also leverage the power of the second-largest search engine globally. Most of us use it daily – the Youtube.

Video marketing is booming, not just in reel form. Build your content through compelling video content and optimise it for YouTube search to drive substantial organic traffic. Videos have to be of high quality, informative, and engaging. Invest your time to optimise video titles, descriptions, and tags. Talk about your videos on social media platforms and even embed them in a blog section on your website to promote them.

4 Engage in guest posting

Guest posting is equally effective off-page strategy as getting backlinks. Both will get you website traffic and help with search engine rankings. It is an effective strategy to expand your online presence and build quality backlinks to your website.

Guest posting is effective, but it’s time-consuming. The time you spend on prospecting, reaching out to webmasters, and content writing can be spent on other aspects of your business. You can easily outsource guest posting to an agency as skilled as Green Web Marketing to help you identify suitable guest posting opportunities and acquire quality backlinks.

5 Build business profiles

Business profiles or local citations are another effective off-page strategy. These websites serve as a centralised register of businesses across categories and niches. When you build a profile on one of these business profile websites, fill in all relevant business information and link your website, you’ll acquire a backlink to your website.

6 Boost your reach by commenting

Another technique to get your business name out there and drive traffic to your website is through commenting. Online forums and online communities are still active, you just need to find the one that is relevant to your business niche.

Since these comments can be easily recognised as promotion, you must be intelligent, thoughtful and careful.  It’s essential to provide value and avoid spammy behaviour. Establish yourself as an authority over time, and you’ll be seen as a relevant profile with valuable comments.

7 Create quality content

Quality content and the time you spend developing well-written and thoughtfully researched articles is vital for SEO in general. When you publish a great peace, people will stumble upon it and ultimately cite it as a source. If they cite it correctly, they will link to it, and you’ll get a quality backlink.

Also, Google favours quality content, especially if other websites cite it as a relevant source. Great content generates interest and encourages others to share it. At the core and centre of your content marketing strategy, place your target audience and deliver pieces that resonate with them.

8 Watch for broken links

Broken links are another opportunity to acquire relevant backlinks to your website. You can use different tools to analyse your or your competitor’s backlink portfolio and uncover these opportunities. For example, when you list websites with broken links, contact them and propose a guest post collaboration. If you’ve lost a few backlinks, you can build them by contacting the webmaster to ask them to fix the link. Both tactics work; you need to craft a winning outreach email and invest time in communication.

9 PR

While building your brand image, you’ll also notice how these efforts drive traffic to your website. The tactic, known to boost brand recognition, is also beneficial for organic traffic. PR and any online promotion will drive visitors to your website, increase the number of branded searches and boost your social media followers.

Whenever your brand name gets mentioned across online media outlets, people will type your website directly, Google you or look you up online.

10 Influencer marketing

Since we live in the era of online reviews, the best one you can get is from a person of influence. A person of influence is someone with a large social media following and a wide reach. When partnering with influencers in your niche can expose your brand to a wider and more engaged audience. Such a partnership will boost brand recognition and spike website visits.

If you want these strategies to work, you must invest time and consistent effort. Even the most minor step will compound over time and bring you the desired organic traffic. Start today with these strategies and monitor how your website traffic improves.

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