Failures That Prevents Us From Getting Online Customers


Most times we usually find ourselves with problems that are clearly visible, and that prevents us from getting customers online. Some of them are:

You Have A Web Page Because You Have To Have It

You have bought a domain and chosen a “beautiful design,” you have put everything online and ready, you already have your website online and, it is assumed, that is enough, that visitors have to arrive without doing anything else.

You cannot create a website and then not work it and let it die of disgust. If you are going to develop an online project, it is to be used as another tool to boost your brand and, incidentally, attract customers. Otherwise, it is not worth spending time on its construction and growth.

Your Website Has No Content

For your target audience and search engines to find you, you need to explain what you do, what your product or service is, how you differ from the competition. Designing a page does not consist of placing four images, a beautiful text, and a contact form, at least not if you are looking for success. Creating quality content for your target audience, with important and relevant information, is essential to increase organic traffic to your page with the help of cheap SEO services [jasa seo murah which is the term in Indonesia], to help you gain new keywords and also to improve your brand presence.

You Have Sought Rapid Growth

In the online world, immediate success does not exist. Copying content from other pages, acquiring links in domains of poor quality, making spam and carrying out penalizable strategies by search engines to win quick visits, are decisions that can always take your toll.

You Have Done Everything And Still Do Not Grow

It’s not about working a lot but about working with the right strategy. If you create content without searches that are also not useful, if you carry out paid traffic campaigns without adequate segmentation of the keywords, if you are looking to be on all social networks even if they are not suitable for your product or service, then you are wasting time and energy with unsuitable tactics.

Paul Petersen

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