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Other authors have identified other variants opening a perspective multidimensional control. Purpose analysis such as the one proposed by Simons 24 highlights different mechanisms: belief systems, barriers, diagnostic and interactive. That ensures the balance of the organization. The contribution of this approach is the place given to the powering up of the organization between conservation of a model, the strategy, and its questioning; the link with the question of learning emerges. The use of the free crm tools come perfect there.

The Purpose

So, the purpose of what Simons calls interactive control system is to stimulate strategic learning through debate anddialogue.The three basic categories of a “theory of control” developed brooch, but enlightened by Simmons’s reflections, are sufficient for our work: control over results, control over behavior, control over values. The general assumption is that CRM solutions intensify the level of control and especially in redefining the forms. The use of the faculty management software comes essential here.

  • On the intensity of the control it can be observed in several ways. There isfirst of all the abundance of product reporting, in sectors such as the sale this production can lead to tighter, more qualitative control. The controlled seller previously by a local level of activity can be subject to observation through different segments that they work. In some cases we also see the appearance of prospective scorecards, where objects resemble them strongly. 

On a qualitative level, taking up the two-level analysis, we noticed that tending CRM systems strengthen control over the results andbehaviors. Here is a clear risk of role conflict: prescribing desirable behaviors and by sanctioning the results obtained it is not necessary twosome actors no longer know what role to play. It’s sort of the model of call center: constrained by the scenarios, forced to the performance, the benefactor can live badly the situation. 

The Efffects

This expected effect poses a considerable problem. Admitting that these approaches make it possible to measure effectively what was not the organization itself which can be re-designed. Metrology embedded in these systems makes it possible, on the one hand, to make measurable results which were not, but also to correlate behaviors to results. Choices must be done, often very difficult in terms of incentive systems, devaluation.On a more global level we can expect a less important impact on results and a neutral role on behavioral control. On the other hand, one can think that CRM solutions can deeply nurture control by values. In imposing a unique work environment, ways of thinking, schemas particular analyzes can be promoted and justified by the abundance of data. The crm software reviews come up perfectly here.

The Expecting:

It can also be expected that the category of control systems interactive technologies is widely promoted and developed.The articulation of these two types of impact reveals a configuration interesting: a responsive flexible steering system that induces strategic flexibility and which allows generative learning, and supervises in a sustained way the activities developed locally according to two possible models: bureaucratic and liberal. In the first model the permanent deliberation of the strategic level can constrain strongly the action of agents by imposing the behaviors to hold. 

It is still once the model of the call center. In the second possible model, based on results, full autonomy can be granted under close supervision intended to avoid excessive deviations from the general goals, and supported by distribution of information resources. The danger would appear in the reinforcement simultaneous local controls on results andbehaviors.

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