Will Using Social Media Affect Your Workers’ Comp?

Sustaining work injury is difficult, but recovery can be more challenging and expensive. Fortunately, Virginia law requires employers to pay for their injured workers through workers’ compensation. You may think that if you filed for workers’ compensation with all honesty, you would receive the benefits right away. However, this is not true in every situation. With social media becoming more popular, you may be tempted to share about your injury, recovery, or the claim on the internet with your friends or even vent about your feelings related to the injury on social media. 

Even if you do not upload it yourself, but your friends or family do -a simple check-in, you are enjoying your trip, or anything else can ruin your claim. The insurance company will use the posts against you to deny your claim. If you are stuck in a similar situation, you can take help from a workers’ compensation lawyer on the next step to protect your claim. A simple “workers’ comp attorney near me” search on the internet will give you a list of excellent lawyers in the city. 

Things to avoid when your workers’ compensation is in process on social media. 

Suppose the insurance company suspects or finds a single post about you enjoying it. In that case, they can deny your claim under fraudulent claim, and you will no longer be eligible for getting compensation. Even if you post an old photo with no specific date mentioned, there are higher chances of your employer or the insurance company using it against you. 

Therefore, it is advisable to stay off social media until the results are out about your compensation. However, if you still want to scroll through your social media platforms, here are a few things to avoid. 

  • Do not post anything about your injuries or the treatment you receive or currently receiving. 
  • Do not talk negatively about your work online. 
  • Avoid posting about you doing any activity that can make your injury look “okay.” For instance, dancing around or doing household chores can signify that you are not as injured as you claim to be. 
  • Do not post about trips, vacations, or outings that make it look like you are enjoying your time off instead of focusing on recovery. 
  • Do not boast about how much compensation or benefits you are going to get through workers’ compensation/ 

Additionally, you must avoid using any device offered by your workplace for communication or deleting accounts. Deleting accounts may make it look like you are trying to hide any evidence. Moreover, do not use any email account by the company for communication. 

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