What is TPU film used for?

TPU film application is an important process within the manufacture of certain healthcare fabric supplier applications. It offers a level of waterproofness and resistance that is an essential component of successful medical upholstery, medical mattresses, and other medical textiles. In a sector where there is a need for stringent controls and the best materials and fabrics for an intensive application, TPU film has become critical.

What is TPU film?

TPU film is a developed technology that is a polymer material. It is very strong and robust, extendable, high in cold resistance and has good hydrolysing resistance. It is also eco-friendly. TPU film offers benefits such as great levels of waterproofness and has good moisture permeability. With these properties, it is no surprise that you find TPU film is used extensively within healthcare, automotive, sports and leisure, and furniture and bedding industries.

How is TPU film used within textiles?

One of the key questions when looking at TPU film as an essential part of healthcare fabrics and medical textiles, is to consider exactly how it functions and what benefits it brings. TPU membrane is commonly seen within textiles. It is used as a coating or a laminate that enhances the performance characteristics of that fabric and material. Some textile applications that TPU film is used in include:

Waterproof and water-resistant fabrics–Any fabrics that require waterproof properties benefit from the application of TPU film. This is especially important within the healthcare sector. The TPU membrane acts as a barrier, preventing fluids from penetrating the fabric below whilst also allowing for the evaporation of moisture to escape from the furnishings.

Breathable fabrics – They can also be engineered to be breathable, allowing any moisture present to evaporate and pass through the fabric. What this achieves is comfort for the person wearing the fabric or sitting on it, preventing the build-up of sweat. This is a crucial element within the design of sportswear in particular.

Protective fabrics–When combined with fabrics, TPU membrane acts as extra resistance against chemicals, oils, and other substances. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to manufacturing projects within industrial applications and workwear, protective clothing, and garments used within hazardous environments.

Medical textiles – TPU film is extensively used within medical textiles, such as medical garments and protective clothing and equipment, for inflatable medical devices, wound dressings, and multiple other applications. It is suitable for the health sector due to its resistance to chemicals, breathability, and flexibility.

Understanding the importance of TPU film and how it is applied within many different types of applications within the medical textiles sector, helps you to see how important it also is to find the right supplier for your needs. Working with a manufacturer of medical mattresses, healthcare textiles, and TPU membrane use will ensure that you have the very highest standards for your own needs. This could be within the medical sector at a healthcare facility, a care home, or within furniture and bedding companies, footwear, the automotive industry, alongside a whole host of other industries where TPU film is a necessity.

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