What Is The Function Of A Bearing Cage?

Function Of A Bearing Cage

The bearing cage is designed to wrap the different parts of rolling elements and move with them. Bearing cages are divided into various parts which include Nylon cages and Window-typed brass cages. This article will talk about the different functions of a bearing cage and it increases the overall performance of rolling elements. Check Bearing cage LM Guide SHS [รังลูกปืน LM Guide SHS, which is the term in Thai] to learn more.

Functions Of Bearing Cage

The main function of a bearing cage is to hold and maintain the spacing of elements within the bearing. Here are some of the functions of the bearing cage.

1.    Distributing Load Evenly

The bearing cage helps to distribute the overall load between the rolling elements evenly. Additionally, it provides enough space between them to prevent stress on a single element. As a result, this improves the efficiency and workings of the function.

2.    Reduction In Noise As Well As Vibration

As it provides space between the rolling elements, it acts as a separator device, reducing the noise and frequency of vibrations within the workings. Moreover, it reduces the touching between different parts of the system which results in noise reduction.

3.    Maintenance Of Rolling Elements

It is designed to hold the elements in its place making it easier for the specialist to hold them and install them. Installation of the system using the correct methods will ensure the longevity of the system.

Causes Of Damage To Bearing Cage

While they provide numerous benefits, they can get damaged too if not taken care of properly. Here are some of the causes of damage of the bearing cage:

  • The oil used for lubrication has been dried out and it was not refilled at the time.
  • The vibration caused during the operation impacts the rolling elements.
  • Cage materials are designed to have special requirements in terms of temperature resistance, rotation speed, and others. If these requirements are maintained correctly, it might damage the cage.
  • If the process of installation is not carried out correctly, there is a high chance that it will get damaged.
  • When the cage is not cleaned properly and the dust enters the system, the system gets damaged due to a lack of proper cleaning.

In A Nutshell

There is no doubt that bearing cages are crucial for the proper efficiency of rolling elements, it is equally crucial to take care of them to prevent any damage in the future. The bearing cage should be selected properly based on your needs and requirements to receive numerous benefits and high-quality results. Be sure to look for the Bearing cage LM Guide SHS to gain more information.

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