What happens when you buy tiktok views as an aspiring influencer? 

The most obvious and immediate effect of buying TikTok views is that the view count on your videos increases, often quite dramatically. Your account looks much more popular, from a few dozen opinions to hundreds or thousands of views overnight.  However, those purchased views are hollow numbers – they don’t represent real people watching and engaging with your content. So, while your view count may be artificially inflated, your likes, comments, shares and follower growth will likely remain stagnant. This disconnects between views and engagement is a major red flag that you bought views.

Real TikTok users and brands looking to collaborate with influencers easily spot this discrepancy. They know that an authentic video with 10,000 views should have a proportional number of likes, comments and shares. If those engagement metrics are suspiciously low compared to the view count, it’s an obvious sign the views aren’t legitimate. Buying views doesn’t fool savvy users and can make you look worse by highlighting your low engagement.

Tiktok algorithm detects inauthentic activity

The TikTok algorithm is sophisticated at identifying inauthentic behaviour and purchased interactions to manipulate video stats. When you buy a bunch of views from illegitimate sources, TikTok detects this as a fraudulent activity associated with your account. This triggers the algorithm to limit the reach of your videos, making it harder for them to get on the For You page and be seen by potential new fans his explanation.

The algorithm is designed to surface authentic, quality content, not videos propped up by fake views. So, buying views typically backfires and restricts your account’s natural, organic reach and growth. Even if they bought views give you a temporary boost in exposure, the algorithm will quickly correct for it and possibly even overcorrect by throttling your reach. After purchasing views, you’ll fight an uphill battle to get more eyes on your content. The algorithm isn’t easily fooled and will hinder your ability to expand your audience.

Wasted money with Low ROI

  1. Buying TikTok views has a poor return on investment compared to putting that money towards legitimate promotion methods. A few hundred or thousand dollars spent on purchased views will give you an initial pop in vanity metrics. But since those views are from bots and click farms, not real potential fans, they rarely translate into new followers or customers.
  2. A much better bang for your buck is investing in authentic TikTok growth strategies like running officially promoted posts, doing shootout swaps with other creators, or creating ads on different platforms promoting your TikTok. These methods bring real people to your account that is far more likely to follow your content long-term.
  3. The best thing to invest in is making the highest quality videos possible. Put your budget towards levelling your content with better storytelling, filming and editing. These legitimate growth techniques are more expensive and instant than buying views. But unlike purchased views, they lead to lasting, meaningful growth in your following and influence.

The TikTok algorithm is excellent at sniffing out fake views and will stifle the exposure of your videos if you’re caught purchasing them. You’ll also spend your hard-earned money on opinions that don’t convert into actual fans or customers. And in the worst case, your account will get banned, erasing all your progress.

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