Top 3 Cell Culture Applications And EMSA Kits to Buy in 2020

Microbial study at cellular level is an intricate procedure that is the motto of all research centers. These studies, tests, and researches are constantly done in order to achieve medical excellence. There are dyes, stains, reagents, detection and isolation kits, and many other products that are required to conduct molecular studies. In order to achieve accuracy, these products need to be of a high-quality. It is the purity of these sources that determine the success of the tests done at cellular levels. Thus, reagents have the most pivotal role to play in the study of cell culture. So, this guide is going to be all about different high-quality reagents.

3 Best Cell Culture Applications

Before you can trot through the list of 3 best chemical reagents, it’s wiser that you learn that not all reagents are equally pure. Only the reagents like the IVM Biotech chemical reagents that are manufactured with the help of high-end machinery and non-toxic sources are pure. That being said, the following 3 cell culture applications and extraction kits at IVM Biotech should be in your 2020 to-buy list.

  1. Non-radioactive EMSA Kit

This kit can last for 20 assays. It is used to study the way in which a target protein interacts with nucleic acid without the interference of radioactive isotopes and chemiluminescent substrates.


  • It brightens the targeted protein that helps in visualizing the signal shift throughout the interaction between the sources (protein and nucleic acid).
  • The gel doesn’t require mixing or staining and can be used directly.
  • The specimen is so clearly brightened that there’s no need to put labels on it prehand.
  1. Premix SDS-page Gel Solution

This is a western blot application that should be stored at 4 degree C. The kit is packed with 2 components that you can mix and directly insert in the assay for use.


  • It saves time
  • It reduces wastage of reagents
  • It is a cost-effective solution
  1. Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit

The primary function of this kit is to detect mycoplasma contamination in the targeted specimen. It is a strong reagent that can detect about 117 species of mycoplasmas.

As for accuracy and sharpness, it can detect DNA and RNA traces as low as 1 fematogram. All in all, it is highly reactive and pure. The 3 sources that are used to prepare samples of this kit include the following.

  1. Frozen cells in DMSO
  2. Cell lysates
  3. Cell culture media

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