The Use of Steel Tubing in Different Industries

Steel is known for its strength, low weight, ductility and durability. These are some of the qualities that make it one of the most commonly used metals in various industries. The most intriguing aspect about steel is that it is non-flammable and is resistant to warping, which is why it is the preferred metal in earthquake prone areas. 

Similarly, one of the many uses of steel is steel tubing or tubular steel. It is often a mixture of aluminum, tungsten, manganese and titanium, and can be shaped to be round, square or rectangle. Given the durability of the materials used in the alloy, steel tubing has several applications throughout various industries. We shall thus check out a few applications of steel tubing here.

  • Medical field 

Steel used in the medical field needs to be strong, durable and hence of a good quality. Steel tubing, in the medical industry, is used for the equipment as well as patient assistance. Apart from this, most of the surgical tools use steel tubing. Stethoscopes for instance, are made from a specific type of steel tubing. Moreover, several implants are required to be tube-shaped for matching the bones. You can also find tubular steel in wheelchairs, hospital beds and IV stands as well. Steel tubing, thus, has a wide applicability in the medical industry.

  • Construction and architecture 

Steel tubing is largely used in the construction and architecture field. It is mostly preferred in commercial buildings and high-quality houses. Not only does it serve its purpose, but is quite appealing to the eyes as well. One can find tubular steel in stairways or railings, ceilings or roofs. It often works as a support structure for different kinds of buildings, as it reduces gas leaks as well. This is why, a lot of architects prefer steel tubing in the course of their work.


  •  Industrial applications


Steel tubing or tubular steel is quite commonly used in a lot of industries. From transportation of water to conveyor belts, steel tubing is a major component used in any industry. It is also used for the transportation of gases and liquid wastes. Given the tenacity and durability, it is used in industrial machines, hydraulic lifts and so on. 

On the similar lines, Metal tubing from Stealth Pipe and Steel offers a lot of uses and is a feasible option for numerous industrial applications.

It is the multifaceted application of steel tubing that makes it a viable and practical choice in various fields, across the world. 

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