The Expert’s Guide to Starting an Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign

To what extent do you believe that B2C email marketing lists is obsolete? You might want to reconsider. Email marketing is more robust than ever with 3.9 billion users and projected increase in the future years.

In 2018, more people used email than social media, so affiliate marketers who don’t use email campaigns are missing out.

Affiliate email marketing for beginners can be hard at first. But it can help you in the long run. Learn more about how to construct an email list for affiliate promotion by continuing on.

What is an Affiliate Email?

An affiliate email marketing campaign is a set of emails that promote affiliate products. In traditional affiliate marketing, your audience finds and clicks on your affiliate links from your website content, such as blog posts.

Getting Started with an Affiliate Email Marketing Campaign

Find an email service that lets you add affiliate links

First, you can add affiliate links to emails through your email provider. Many services that automate sending emails worry about how well their emails get delivered. So, you should see if yours lets you put affiliate links on it.

Personalise your emails to connect with people

Campaign Monitor did a study that found that people are 26% more likely to open emails with personalised subject lines.

Personalising affiliate emails is even more important to get people to open them.

Affiliate marketing will only work if you build a relationship with your base and keep it going. Personalised emails make you sound more like a friend and less like a salesperson.

Your affiliate email marketing campaigns can be tracked

You finally got your email sequence for affiliate marketing to work automatically, and commissions started coming in.

One more thing is required of you, though. If you want to keep getting commissions, you have to be involved.

Tag and keep track of your subscribers so you can make changes to your campaigns when needed.

The key to keeping track of your open and click-through rates and improving them is to divide your audience into groups.

Rather than taking any chances, it is vital to monitor the KPIs of your email marketing initiatives.

Make use of Holidays

People are often already on the lookout when the big holidays are coming up. Now is a good time to think of new ways to promote your deals.

Make sure you don’t spoil them too much. If you don’t, you might end up with many people dropping out. Also, remember what we’ve already said: make a different holiday campaign.

Don’t mix it up with your email sequence. That will always be useful. When the holidays are over, get rid of the ads.

The value must always come first.

Cold email affiliate marketing can be lucrative, but only if you prioritise providing value to your subscribers. Your audience wants to see useful information from you, not just advertising.

You can keep in touch with your leads using different media types, such as videos, images, audio, and podcasts. It takes time and works to build trust and connections with leads.

Give your subscribers something of value, and they’ll do the same by sending you great affiliate commissions.


Not all affiliate programmes let you send out emails. For instance, this is how the popular Amazon Affiliate programme works. Always read your affiliate agreement and ensure your emails follow the programme’s rules.

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