Not Collectible Status – How To Avail?

Do you want to avail not collectible status when dealing with IRS tax obligations? You can click here. Meanwhile, we briefly discuss the process of availing not collectible status. Find out if the IRS is handling collections for your case. The majority of readers are undoubtedly IRS collectors who are looking into the matter. If you have been indebted for a time and taken no action, your case will often be in one of three statuses:

·       Not in collections –

You are not issued a final notice of intent. hence, there will still be ample time before you will be issued levies or garnishments. Send in the necessary form such as form 433F or 433A together with the necessary supporting files.   All correspondence should be sent to the IRS via USPS Certified Mail with a return receipt. Don’t send via snail mail for they might lose it. After that, mail it to the location where you typically file it with a cover letter asking for Currently Not Collectible.

·       Automated Collection System –

There has been a formal Notice of Intent to Levy. Balance is less than $100,000, and in some situations, less than $250,000. If a total of 30 days have passed from the last notice of intent to levy was sent, you may be garnished or levied. You can provide an IRS representative with the pertinent information outlined in your form 433F. You can do this over the phone or mail it. When deemed necessary, you can ask for a hold on collection.  They can ask you to fax or mail them any necessary supporting documents.

·       An IRS Revenue Officer was already assigned –

A specific IRS agent is tasked with gathering and reviewing your case. Balances typically exceed $250,000. Send Form 433A and any supporting documents to the IRS Revenue Officer handling your case through mail or fax.

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