Navigating Side Loading Boxes: What to Know

Lots of heavy equipment is frequently required for a life of outdoor adventure. You might have to transport gear like skis, boots, tents, and backpacks from your house to the trailhead. Your car will have more storage space if you install a rooftop cargo box, allowing you to bring everything you need for a fun trip without having to pack it to the brim. In this post, we examine what you might store in a box and how to determine which box would fit well on your vehicle in order to assist you in selecting the appropriate side loading boxes.

Prepare a list of the items you want to store in a cargo box

Cargo boxes are frequently used by outdoor enthusiasts to store items such as tents, sleeping bags, pads, backpacks, camp furniture, strollers, skis, ski poles, and ski boots (pro tip: keep your boots warm in the car on the trip to the slopes). But they’re also perfect for other things like kids’ toys, beach gear, and gardening tools. The length, breadth, and height requirements for your gear will help you narrow down your search when you consider what you will store in a cargo box. Keep the following things in mind as you accomplish this:

  • Bulky, light items fit well in roof boxes: Items that take up a lot of room but don’t weigh much are good to place on top of roof boxes. As a result, items like tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, pillows, and camp chairs are wise choices.
  • Longer items demand a longer roof box: If you intend to store long items in your roof box, like skis and snowboards, the shorter, more compact roof boxes might not be suitable for you. Most downhill ski and snowboard lengths will fit comfortably in most roof boxes, but if you have unusually long skis (such as a pair of 210cm cross-country skis), you must pay close attention to the box’s length. Make sure your skis or other long objects will fit by comparing their size to the interior measurements of roof boxes.
  • It’s best to keep heavy items inside the vehicle: The typical weight limit for cargo boxes is between 150 and 165 pounds (for particular weight restrictions, check with the box maker). It’s better to store extremely heavy objects inside the car, such as a full cooler, water jugs, and bins of dry food, to prevent exceeding the weight limit. It’s also crucial to understand that just though a roof box is intended to support 165 pounds, it doesn’t necessarily mean that much weight can fit inside of it.

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