How to create a company in Mauritania

Is it in Mauritania that you plan to launch your future business? So start by learning How to Start a Business in Mauritania to get some guidance and insight into entrepreneurship in this country on the African continent.

How to create a business in Mauritania :

The legal forms of business in Mauritania :

-The Company in Collective Name or (SNC) :

The number of partners as well as the number of associates within the company is not defined at all and it is the same for the share capital, i.e. one can start his company with any amount of money while knowing that within the company, the associates will have a responsibility which will be joint and several and purely indefinite concerning the debts contracted in the company.

-The Simple Limited Partnership or (SCS).

With this type of business, the number of partners and associates is set at a minimum of 1 associate and no minimum amount is required to start the business.

The liability of the partners varies according to their nature,which means that it can be limited to their contributions or indefinite and joint and several.

-The Public Limited Company or (SA) :

This legal form provides for a minimum number of partners and associates of 5 and the share capital should be at least 5,000,000 MROs.

As far as the liability of the partners is concerned, it should be noted that the partners’ liability is limited to the contributions.

-The Joint Venture Company:

As for this legal form, there is no limit on the number of associates and partners, and this is almost also the case for the share capital, because with this status in Mauritania it is possible to create a company with any amount of money, even the smallest.

And as far as the liability of the partners is concerned, it is individual in the sense that the partner commits himself to contract in his own name and becomes joint and several when the partner makes decisions as a partner.

-The Limited Liability Company (SARL):

The number of partners as well as the number of associates is maximum 50 within the company and the amount of money or share capital to be provided must be at least 1 million MRO.

The partners have a liability which is strictly limited to the contributions.

The formalities for setting up a company in Mauritania :

Starting a business in Mauritania is not as complicated as some might imagine, but it will still require a little more involvement than usual.

For some time now, the government of Mauritania has managed to set up a one-stop shop to make business creation on its territory simpler and more transparent in order to attract a large number of foreign investors and slowly but surely boost its economic situation.

It takes between 7 to 8 days to finalize all the procedures related to the opening of a company on Mauritanian soil and on average 4 major procedures to be followed in particular :

1) Reservation of the company’s name and its registration in the trade and company register.

2) The registration of the company with the tax authorities (a tax identification number will be issued to you after registration).

3) Consult a notary to draw up and sign the company’s articles of association.

4) Opening a professional bank account with any Mauritanian bank.

To be noted:

However, it is important to know what you really want to do, i.e. to be convinced of the profitability of your project before taking the decision to move to Mauritania and also to be patient in the face of possible administrative constraints…

But Mauritania has a very low tax burden, a good business climate and a lot of opportunities to be seized both on the local market and internationally.

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