How Does Catalytic Converters Function?

As early as the sixties, the very first efforts were made to decrease the hazardous materials in cars and truck exhaust gases through catalytic converters. Consequently, converters were very first used in the USA in the seventies and were introduced to Europe in the eighties. While the emphasis, in the beginning, was on the oxidation of carbon monoxide gas as well as hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxides are additionally decreased in today’s three-way converters.

The chain reaction is achieved in stoichiometric stability with precious metal catalysts, platinum, rhodium, and palladium. In the reduction procedures, this chemical balance makes certain that specifically adequate oxygen is launched for oxidation. As its name shows, the stimulant is not a filter; however, a converter of exhaust gases.

A Large Area is Required

A huge responsive surface area of the driver is essential to transform the exhaust gases which are led through the exhaust train at high speed. This is ensured by the framework of the substrate and by the surface-enlarging clean layer. The surface area of a conventional substratum is approx. 3 m2 at 1 liter of volume and is raised to several thousand m2 by the wash layer. Initiatives to boost stimulant efficiency tends to produce further rises in specific geometrical surface area.

The initial stimulants for motor vehicles were made from coated loose material. Nonetheless, the relative activities of the parts led to wear and tear due to rubbing. Ceramic monoliths, therefore, displaced them practically totally. Increasingly more stringent exhaust gas legislation made it needed for the efficiency of converters to be continually raised.

Steel foil Converter

The steel foil converter processing developed at the end of the eighties which are manufactured from slim brazed metal foil use some advantages in this respect. One benefit is the raised specific geometric surface contrasted to that of the ceramic substrate.

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