Find Out What Color Temperature Is And How To Use It In Your Photos

The colour temperature is something we are aware, especially when we enter the world of photography or cinema.

It is true that, as human beings, we are able to intuit that there are different shades in the lights, especially in those that are very marked, such as the warm light of sunrises and sunsets.

However, our vision continually adapts and corrects those shades that have different lights that surround us, without hardly realizing it. That is, if there is something white, our brain tells us that it is white and we perceive it as white, although it may, in truth, be reflecting the light of a specific hue. Click here to automatically edit your photos after photographing.

Sensors, at the moment, are not capable of correcting by themselves the colours of the different lights. That is why, although many times you see the image with a white tone and suitable colours, the sensors respond with an image with a dominant one that is not always to your liking.

What Is The Color Temperature?

Without going into complex definitions, in wavelengths, light spectra in black bodies and a long etcetera of concepts related to colour temperature, I would like to define colour temperature in a simple way, let’s see if I can do it.

Colour temperature is the hue of different light sourcesThat is, although we do not perceive it with the naked eye because our eyes have the ability to correct those dominant shades, the different lights contain different shades (colours).

Correct Color Temperature In Editing

The white colour is not only the sum of all the wavelengths, it is also the colour that reflects them, but that, luckily, we can correct in all editing programs.

You should be aware that with the white being balanced, that is, that it is white, the rest of the colours will also be balanced.

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