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The banking industry is one of the most difficult and complicated industry to get into and thrive. This is often because a lot of persons don’t understand how it works. Ehud Sharir is a well-known legend in the banking industry. Recently Ehud Sharir has decided to take his time to explain the the common man what the banking system is actually about.

Ehud Sharir is literally one of the only persons who we can all call a legend in the field, considering how much he has achieved as a bank manager over the years. According to Ehud Sharir, banks offers services that bring in customers from seeking loans, credits to debit cards and even personal services. Ehud also goes on to say that as it stands now, most modern services are offered by banks.

Ehud Sharir stated and discussed severally services offered by banks. Be sure to follow through.


According to Ehud Sharir, overdraft is one key service banks offer to customers, where they are allowed to withdraw way more than they have in their accounts. Banks usually charge interest from the customers overdrawn amount.

Advancing Loans

Ehud Sharir states that banks are typically business-oriented agencies, meaning they can easily advance loans to anyone and get profit from them in form of interest.

Cheque payment

Ehud Sharir confirms that banks do well to offer their account holders cheque pads which can be drawn for the banks to pay. According to Ehud Sharir, banks quickly pay these cheques as soon as they are verified.

Credit instruments payment and collection

According to Ehud Sharir, banks make sure to deal with several modern credit instruments bills of exchange, cheques, etc. These instruments are easily collected by banks and paid in full.

Foreign Currencies

Ehud Sharir goes on to share that banks do well to deal with foreign currencies. Ehud states that these currencies are exchanged to the local currencies to help customers make payments better.

Mobile Banking

One other feature modern banks offer according to Ehud Sharir is mobile banking. With this banks are able to offer all their customers their services through a mobile app. Ehud says that all the customer has to do is download and install the banks app and they can carry out numerous transactions afterwards.


Another service banks offer according to Ehud Sharir is consultancy. Ehud Sharir claims that since banks are major organizations that deal with investments, income, tax, financial services, they are able to offer advices to those who need them.

Ehud Sharir, however states that for some reasons, banks tend to disclose the customers name to the government..

Bank Guarantee

Ehud Sharir states that most banks can act as a guarantee for customers who wish to deposit certain sums to government offices and so on. In this case, Ehud Sharir states that the bank helps the customer make the deposit.

Credit cards

Ehud Sharir also goes on to say that banks offer credit cards as we all know. This card allows the customer to buy whatever they want. The owner of the card usually agrees to make payments to the card with possible interests too.

ATM Services

All modern banks offer ATM services and this is according to Ehud Sharir. At these ATMs customers can easily withdraw, deposit and so some other important functions like balance inquiry.

Debit cards

Ehud Sharir also confirms that banks usually offer debit cards just like the offer credit cards. Debit cards can be used to withdraw money directly from a customers account.

Online banking

One other major service banks offer according to Ehud Sharir is Online banking. Ehud Sharir states that in this case, banks allow their customers to access their bank account through the internet. They can carry out all sorts of transactions there. According to Ehud, this includes: paying bills, transfers, inquiries, etc.

Since this kind of service is via the internet, Ehud Sharir says it can be done at any time of the day, whenever the customer pleases.

Accept Deposit

Ehud Sharir then goes on to say that banks serve the primary purpose of allowing it’s customers deposit money to their accounts. Ehud states that those who deposit to savings accounts will get interests on their deposit over time.

It’s obvious banks offer a lot of services and Ehud Sharir through his vast experience has been able to put us through some key ones.

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