Different Trends in Pallet Inverter

Pallets Inverters have been in use for more than 30 years. It helps in transferring heavy items reducing the chances of damage. What five labours can do together, pallet inverter can do it alone. This automated machine is now used in different industries based on their requirements. The only key feature to be looked into is its durability, and strength to handle bulky items. 

Toppy Srl is known for providing 50 different types of volteador de palets. They started with trucks and machines for the graphic sector and now are dealing with the output sector as well. Apart from selling pallet inverters they also provide free maintenance if within warranty. Their spare parts are also of great quality. 

Since pallet inverters have been in the market for more than 30 years, they too have experienced changes in demands. With the growing trend and technological advancement, pallet inverter models are also changing.

These are the types of pallet inverters that have been in the market which has changed with the changing trend –

Free Standing Turner

The most popular model on the market is still the FS style inverter, often known as a pallet inverter, which has a single clamping table and is accessible by a forklift truck. For better presentation, more loads nowadays need to be re-inverted into the upright posture. When using a forklift truck’s FS, the original pallet must be pulled off before the new one can be put on. This was slightly problematic hence slight changes were made.

Pallet Changer 

Systems that temporarily recline the load and only return the pallet to its original position for exchange are becoming more popular. This is what the Premier Pallet inverters achieve. Before reclining everything through 105 degrees, it starts by grasping the pallet and enclosing the load from the top and sides. Now that the pallet has been separated from the merchandise, it can be removed by returning it to ground level.

The other common types of pallet inverters are –

  • Automated In-line Load Transfer is fully automated and designed to transfer load. The machine is integrated with pallet stackers, conveyers, stretch wrappers, and other parts that increase production. 
  • Roll Turners are designed to lift, turn, and move rolls of paper, and they don’t need to be installed or have a permanent electrical connection. 
  • Kompressor is a tough, adaptable, and versatile machine. Stacks of paper, board, plastic and other materials can be turned, moved, aerated, and tossed with it. The motorized, self-propelled Kompressor helps you save time.
  • Side Grip is a portable pallet exchanger employed to move loads from pallet to pallet without inverting or tilting the first one.
  • Twister is tough, quick, and efficient that can turn paper, board, plastic, and other materials exerting pressure. It has a reliable hydraulic lifting system that can handle skids, pallets, and press dollies. 

With the growing market trend, the demand for different types of pallet inverters also rises. Therefore, pallet inverter manufacturers ensure that they make machines that are at par with the technology. Always hunt around and scrutinize things before purchasing a pallet inverter for your production department. 


John Rogers

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