Choosing a Competent Asbestos Assessment Company

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral once popularly used in the construction industry. But due to associated health risks, asbestos was banned in Australia onthe 31st of December 2003.

Unfortunately, many houses and buildings built before the ban may have asbestos-containing materials (ACM). The presence of ACMs makes conductingan asbestos audit necessary on any old propertyto ensure risks are documented and managed. For this, you will need an asbestos assessor.

Looking for an asbestos assessment company can be quickly done with a Google search, but this does not guarantee competence. Not all services will provide you with detailed registers and management solutions. Research is a must, but what factors should you look into?

This article lists some tips to help you choose the right asbestos assessment company.

Accreditation and Licence

The first aspect you must consider when hiring an assessment company is licence and accreditation. An average builder or construction worker is not legally allowed to conduct audits.

Remember only to hire a company that is licensed to manage asbestos. Always look for the following individuals or teams consisting of:

  • A licensed asbestos assessor
  • Occupational hygienists with asbestos management experience
  • Asbestos removal supervisors
  • Individuals working with organisations accredited by NATA under ISO 17020 for asbestos surveying.
  • An expert with a statement of attainment in the unit competency for asbestos assessors

Experience in Your Building and Sector

Asbestos management and abatement will vary depending on specific factors.

The ACMs, construction materials, and structure of the property will vary based on property type (residential or commercial), sector (private or public), and category (warehouse, healthcare, office). 

Asbestos professionals tend to specialise in a specific area, so choose a compatible company to work on your building. The best services will have various specialists on their team to ensure they can handle all aspects of asbestos management.

Excellent Track Record

Like many other services, choose a company invested in customer satisfaction and success. You can find well-respected firms by looking online for reviews and testimonials. If you know someone who has recently audited their property, ask them for recommendations.


Stay Protected with Global Asbestos Audits

Do you think your property contains ACMs? Please don’t take the risk; have it audited today!

With a combined 60 years of experience in the industry, Global Asbestos Auditsis the leading environmental auditing and consulting company in Australia, providing clients with detailed asbestos registers and management solutions. 

John Rogers

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