Best Practices for Text Messaging Compliance

Complying with text message compliance and audit requirements is pivotal in every business. But the problem relies on how companies can keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. This is where they will pressure you as a business to require you to store all communication data to avoid SEC sweeps, fines, and penalties.

To leverage compliance benefits, this article will talk about the best practices for text messaging regulation.

Follow the Best Practices

Before you follow any recommended best practices, knowing which one suits your business is important. Not all companies are created equal thus it will not guarantee that what others do before will be aligned to your text messaging compliance strategy.

This is why you should be familiar with regulatory laws within your country or place. This ensures that what you are doing is tailored to regulatory requirements set by your government.

With California’s data privacy laws, the best practices below are centered to employer-employees relationship.

Be Professional – Send messages with caution. Remember that you represent your company, which means you carry their name and reputation.

Set Boundaries – Whether using a company phone or not, ensure that you are sending business messages during work hours. This builds trust and credibility among clients and business partners.

Monitor Usage – Not because you monitor employees’ messages means that they have done something wrong. Monitoring will simply make sure that they are right on track with regulatory compliance.

Utilize Archiving Solutions with the Help of LeapXpert

To help you in monitoring text messaging, it is vital that you are backed with a robust archiving solution. This records employees’ messages both between clients and co-workers. 

With LeapXpert’s help, you can guarantee that your archived text messages are safe and protected, ensuring you have auditable data for any regulatory requests.

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