Your Guide to Pack Fragile Items for Moving And Storage

Moving to a new place is already an overwhelming process, and then comes the first step of moving, which is planning and organizing the stuff that you want to take with you to your new house. Moreover, with all this packing, the most crucial thing that most people overlook is the packing material. You have to be sure that your household items go off smoothly to your destination. However, there are a number of movers and storage companies that provide packing services, but there are people who want to do it by themselves. Therefore, we are here with this article that guides you through the process of packing fragile items with appropriate materials.

  • Usage of the right packing materials: Fragile items are of various types; therefore, the materials that are used in their packaging can vary. For example- you will need different materials for packing a television set and glassware. Following are some materials that should be available when you are packing any fragile items:
  • Packaging peanuts: This material fills the vacant spaces in a box and is able to withstand shocks and vibrations.
  • Bubble wrap: It is used to wrap items of glasses that are delicate.
  • Furniture pads: This material is used for oversized items to keep them in their proper place.
  • Make separate boxes: Keeping your delicate items in a separate box prevents them from any damage. Make small boxes for your vases, china cups, plates, etc. Keep them wrapped in bubble wrap and fill each box without leaving any extra space, as the less space the box has, the lesser the chances for them to move and break. You can also see the instructions given by people with real experiences in the Mayflower moving reviews
  • Label the boxes: Make sure to label your items as fragile in the boxes, as it will be easy for the person who is loading and unloading the items. This way, the person will be informed about the fragile items.
  • Put the heavy item at the bottom: It is quite understandable that fragile items should not be kept under heavy items. You can even consider investing in portable storage, which will give you more time to organize the moving container without any added pressure.
  • Stacking: Items like bowls and plates should be stacked together to prevent them from any damage. Place cardboard at the bottom of the box and then start to stack the packing paper or any bubble wrap in between the plates and bowls. Lastly, seal the stack with any packing tape.

The packing process should be enjoyable and smooth rather than tedious and overwhelming. Your main goal while packing your items should be their protection and this can be achieved by taking the tips mentioned above seriously. Although these tips will not match the professional packers’ level, they will be sufficient enough to protect your fragile items from any damage and make them reach their destination safely and securely.

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