Why is my competitor ranking higher on Google?

Logistical details, client testimonials, visitor Q&A, and even posts in your profile all aid Google in determining which searches your company ought to appear for. You will show up for more search terms the more information you provide. With more information, you can interact with more people who are now discovering you through search. More activity on your listing gives Google more data, which raises your ranking. A listing with more activity attracts more customers, and more customers result in more reviews, which boost your ranking.

Why is this company with nothing better than me? visibilty and involvement

As you can see, visibility and engagement create a powerful, accelerating feedback loop. Setting those wheels in motion simply requires some time.

They have optimised other online resources.

Because that company also has other assets that have been optimised for search, it’s possible that a Google My Business profile that is less complete and has fewer reviews than yours will appear above yours. As you can see, SEO encompasses more than Google My Business.

The first and most effective online resource you should optimise for search is your Google My Business profile, but it’s only one of many. Your website, other directory listings, and possibly even your social media profiles all give Google information about your company overall. As a result, even though this other company’s Google Business listing is incomplete, they may be strong in other areas.

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What Makes a Site “Google-Optimized”?

Ways to Boost SEO

How to Appear in Local Searches They have effective off-page SEO

In addition to their own online assets, a company can take other actions to improve their visibility. One such action is acquiring high-quality backlinks. Due to various factors, this other company might have:

  • links back to numerous pages on their website.
  • Several backlinks to a single page on their website.
  • Several backlinks from a very well-known and respected website
  • Visit this post to learn more about off-page SEO: SEO: On-Page vs. Off-Page

They have existed for longer.

Other businesses may occasionally simply have existed for a longer period of time, which means that even if they have fewer and weaker signals to pass on to Google, Google has had more time to gather them. A site or listing that has been around for a while without any problems may also be more comfortable being displayed in results than a newer site because Google places a lot of emphasis on building trust. This discrepancy won’t last forever; eventually, Google will realise that it can also trust your website.

Their company name contains keywords.

The words or phrases that your ideal customers enter into Google when looking for the goods, services, or knowledge that your company offers are known as keywords. A website or listing’s presence of keywords aids Google in classifying it, and the frequency and placement of those keywords aid Google in determining their relevance. If a company’s name contains a keyword or is a keyword itself, they may have a slight advantage over you in search results.

Their evaluations contain keywords.

Similar to the reason stated above, Google may be alerted to increased relevance by the customer reviews for this company if they include keywords that are highly relevant to the search terms used frequently in your industry. This is why it’s crucial to gather reviews and consistently reply to them, as this gives Google up-to-date information about your company that is extremely pertinent to your target market.


Even if a person’s search is not location-based (“physical therapist near me” or “acupuncture Smithsburg”), Google can determine location via IP address, so it will still return local results. Even though two businesses are located in the same town, one of them may be mathematically closer to the location that Google has designated as the search’s geographic target.

Other Factors to Take into Account If a Competitor Is Outranking You

Their listing looks nice, right?

Although their listing might appear above yours, is it appealing? See what comes up when you search “interior design Honolulu” on Google Maps:

Why is this company better than me?

Because it is a paid listing, Business A appears first. It has no reviews though. Despite having no reviews, Business C appears higher than Business D. In contrast, Business D has testimonials, a list of its hours, and even a description. Which listing strikes you as the most favourable?

A company may appear above you, but if it offers no information, it won’t leave a good first impression. Complete and current information in all of your fields demonstrates your activity, communicates a greater level of trust and availability, and increases the appeal of your company to potential clients. As more people interact with your more thorough listing over time, Google will notice this and change the rankings as necessary. This reinforces the earlier statement that it might take some time for your changes to take effect.If you want to rank your website higher than competitor contact us! We are an SEO agency providing¬† professional SEO service in the North Shore.

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