Texting Etiquette 2022

Over the past decade, texting has been widely used worldwide for people to communicate with one another. The exponential growth of mobile phone users since the late 1990s has led to billions of text messages being sent every month, a testament to its popularity among the general public. It is considered faster than calls and has a better open rate than emails. Individuals expect a prompter response in text messages, making it an essential tool in the modern world.

And with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, texting has become an integral part of keeping many businesses afloat during uncertain times. With remote work becoming the trend in many sectors, texting keeps team members effectively connected. This will allow them to collaborate on projects in the firm efficiently.

The increased use of texting in the business landscape led to more and more institutions investing in mobile archiving solutions. Organizations that let their staff use personal devices while working, especially smartphones, are obliged to archive any business-related messages on the employee’s device. Having an AT&T or Verizon SMS recording will allow the company to have a record of any information passed using various messaging applications.

Since Verizon text archiving is slowly becoming widely adopted in numerous industries, many corporate workers must learn the proper etiquette when texting. One great example is sending an acknowledgment that you already received the message. This is especially vital if you still are occupied by something and will need to respond when you already have the free time.

Another excellent texting etiquette, especially in work group chats, is respecting the texting boundaries when you are in the workplace. Having proper behavior while sending messages in work-related threads is essential. For example, avoid sending too many attachments as it might confuse other group members. Also, double-check your text’s recipient, especially when handling confidential information.

To learn more about texting etiquette for 2022, check this infographic provided by Telemessage.




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