Taking a Former Employer to Work Compensation Court

A worker injured in Arizona has a strong case for financial compensation if such an injury occurs on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory in this state and helps cover injured workers’ medical costs and a portion of their lost wages. But what if you have to make a workers’ comp claim against your former employer?

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Whether or not you can file a claim against a former employer.

If an employee gets hurt or gets sick on the job and their company has workers’ compensation insurance, the employee should be able to get some of their medical bills covered. However, submitting the claim becomes more difficult if the injured worker is no longer employed by the company.

  • First, let’s talk about the Arizona statute of limitations for occupational injury claims so you can get an idea of how involved this can get. Injured or ill workers in this state have a year from the injury’s date or the diagnosis’s date to file a claim for workers’ compensation.
  • In most cases, it’s best if people let authorities know about injuries as soon as they become aware of them. Both the Worker’s Report of Injury (0407) and the Worker’s and Physician’s Report of Injury (0102) need to be filled out and submitted to the employer as part of the workers’ compensation process.
  • The statute of limitations for filing a claim for workers’ compensation against a former employer is one year. Assume, for the sake of argument, that a worker suffers an illness or injury on the job due to the negligence of their former employer and then either decide not to look for work or accepts a position with a new company. In this case, the injured worker has a full year from the date of the occurrence or the date of the diagnosis to bring a claim against the initial employer, whichever comes first.

Do You Feel the Need for Legal Representation?

In most cases, filing a claim for workers’ compensation in Arizona is a simple process. Because this is a no-fault insurance system, victims of accidents do not have to establish who was to blame in order to receive compensation. However, the employer or insurance company may dispute the claim if the injured party has taken too long to file it and is no longer employed by the business.

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