Customize Your WordPress Site with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin

When it comes to the web accessibility of your WordPress site, it is important for you to install a popular plugin like Accessibe. This plugin largely helps you keep your site ADA compliant round-the-clock and helps you customize it as per the needs of your business and its users, including people with disabilities. With it, you are able to keep compliance lawsuits at bay and reach out to more potential customers in the market.

An overview of the Accessibe WordPress plugin

The Accessibe WordPress plugin is available on the official site of WordPress, and you can download, install and activate it easily for your WordPress site. Once activated, it will work round the clock to detect problems in accessibility and give you reports on the highlighted areas that you need to fix.

Small businesses get an advantage with this plugin installation as it makes it simpler and more affordable for them to ensure their sites are ADA compliant. In the past, they had to resort to manual techniques for fixing issues on their site, and the process turned out to be quite expensive and time-consuming.

The importance of accessibility in the modern world

In the modern world, you cannot afford to overlook accessibility. It is not just limited to the idea that your site is compatible with assistive technologies and screen readers. This is truly just one integral part of it; however, there are others too.

The term “accessibility” refers to web design keeping in mind people with temporary and permanent disabilities. The latter type of accessibility is more challenging as you need to consider the design or how it will interact with the user’s input. For instance, you might have a page that tells users to enter their full names. A person’s name might be sensitive information, so you do not want them to enter their name on every page of your website.

However, there are common cases where a person might forget their first or even last name. There can be another scenario where they are not able to physically type in a single letter at one time. This is where the popular plugin steps in to help with two features called input prompt, and the autocomplete option.

The input prompt option can be set up on pages where the name of the user is needed. It is displayed as a tooltip box and hovers around the field where the input on the page is needed.

The plugin will suggest words that the user has already deployed on the site when it comes to the auto-complete option. Even if they commit a mistake and the entry has to be deleted, this feature remembers what had been typed for future reference. It is much like the Google suggestions you get when you use its search engine field to find something.

Both of the above features for your WordPress site can be chosen and customized via the Accessibe WordPress plugin settings panel for your site.

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