Crucial Local SEO Strategies for Pearl Jewelry Store

Majority of online businesses are now aware about the significance of search engine optimization and its impact on the web traffic. Nevertheless, there are still many online jewelers, who don’t take steps in implementing basic SEO strategies. Those who do are reaping the benefits. They are even ready to restructure the way of doing business, when influx of customers increases.

Even if you get good traffic from social media, organic methods matter a lot. Social channels offer great brand awareness but are unable to deliver same type of quality traffic. In organic search the user has a different mindset and comes in search for your product, while in paid ads users ran across your path and gave your website a visit. Therefore, build organic search traffic using a few crucial strategies for your local jewelry store.

Local search is vital

Local SEO process focuses its attention on your brick & mortar jewelry store. Important elements like keyword, links, and content as well as on-page optimization will need a local focus. You need to ensure that potential local signals on Google search arena is correct and consistent. Even if someone desires to buy a pearl bracelet or ring, they first search for location of a jewelry store in close proximity.

Optimization is essential

Images on banners and web pages are changed according to the season, holidays, and special events but end up not optimized for search engines. Optimizing images means delivering HD photos in correct format, size, resolution and dimension while keeping smallest possible size.

This helps images of your jewelry items to load in seconds, which is crucial otherwise users will possibly abandon and thus your bounce rates increase. Ultimately, it impacts your conversion.

Image optimization will enhance page load speed, search result ranking and user experience. Image optimization has the capacity to increase your conversion rate and revenue figure.

Content marketing

Content marketing includes creation of interesting and engaging article, so as to attract customers. It is a different way to connect with people on deeper level instead of advertising or sales pitches.

For example, if you desire to buy natural pearls but have no knowledge then you go online and search for sources. If a local jewelry store offers details and tips associated with pearl buying and type then you will certainly contact or visit them.

Make sure to post content regularly including vast different topics. Your jewelry blog may be shared on social sites and thus you can get high ranking on search engines.

Clare Louise

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