4 Key Tricks On How To Light Your Store

Always remember that the first contact with the products is done through an overview of the place where they are located. Next, we want to give you some guidelines to get your customers attention by simply lighting your store correctly:

Attract The Customer

While the points of light are a focus of attention of the look, a shadowed corner will cause the indifference of the client. Lighting your store is a task that must be thought of both from outside (with the shop window) and from inside the premises.

The showcase is a canvas where the points of light should cause curiosity and attract the gaze of the passer-by to capture their attention.

Lighting your store evenly does not attract attention. The most interesting or flashy items must be enhanced with direct lights. Still, your store does not look like a disco! Get your best sign designs at this website.

Appreciate Merchandise

After looking at the window, the potential customer will look inside the store. It is good that at least one part of the store can be seen from the window.

In the part of the store that the customer can see from the street, we will highlight certain striking objects and brand identifiers, both products for sale and decorative elements.

Playing with the intensity of the lights, we will mark a visual tour. Sufficient general lighting is necessary to appreciate the entire space and highlight certain products located in areas where we want the customer to approach.

Concrete The Sale

After looking at the panorama and observing the products, the arrangement of the light should facilitate the customer in the purchase process.

Illuminate the area or the poster of the testers or the box, simplifies the customer’s journey through these places, the door already knows where it is!

Likewise, if there is any promotional poster or notice that we want the client to see, we must calculate well where to place it and the light that should illuminate it. In this case, unlike what is said in Poltergeist, your customers should go to the light!

Illuminate Your Store Properly

The color of the lights is important; it should be consistent with the rest of the decoration. Colored bulbs or filters can be used.

Even with white bulbs, each light source favors the reflection of tones. Incandescent halogen lamps give a yellowish-orange hue, while halogen mercury has a bluish-greenish light.

The ultraviolet radiation of some halogens without filter discolors the products. The light source compound must be chosen well.

The heat also discolors and spoils products or decorations. You can use lamps with a ‘dichroic’ filter that reflects 60% of the temperature it gives off. Be careful with the location of the luminaries!

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